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Brasstech Introduces Its Streamlined RMA Process


Santa Ana, CA –September 2011 – Brasstech is happy to announce the launch of an online RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) process that makes requesting an RMA less complicated and more effective.  The Automated RMA process is digitally based.  After completing a few simple steps all of the necessary forms will be completed and submitted.  The RMA number is then automatically generated.  The authorization can be printed, downloaded, and/or it can be emailed to designated address.

The new RMA System launched on September 15th and applies to all Brasstech brands – Newport Brass, GINGER, and Motiv.

The benefits of this Auto RMA include:

  • Accessible through
  • Completely paperless process
  • Electronically completed forms alleviate the hassle of numerous forms
  • Easy to follow steps
  • Authorization can be printed, downloaded or emailed instantly
  • Overall faster return process to save time

Agency representatives will be distributing literature about the new RMA process and will present the program to showroom associates from September 15 – November 15, 2011.

For additional information regarding the new RMA program please call 949.417.5207 or email Toni Whitehead, , Alejandra Urincho, , or Amber Ashley, .

Visit,, and for more product information.