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toe ductor

Patent Pending: the Toe Ductor

December 12, 2012

Jim Buchanan's idea for the "Toe Ductor" under-cabinet ducting kit didn't come so much as a light bulb moment as a common-sense solution to a common household problem. "With new energy codes requiring duct-pressure tests, some of my installations were barely passing," said the owner of Buchanan Construction Corp. Read more >>

worst mistakes

Worst Mistakes People Make in Designing a Kitchen

From Tampa Bay Times
By Laura Reiley
December 1, 2012

Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian and developer James Ramos were trying to find a place upstairs for an espresso machine. As far as Zakarian was concerned, you roll out of bed, take a spin through the bathroom, and then are ready for the morning's first cup of Joe. No need to traipse all the way down to the kitchen. Read more >>

Changing Customer Service Needs in an Increasingly Online World

By Jeff Kaliner
December 1, 2012

As the number of customers turning to online reviews for advice continues to grow, the inclusion of an online reputation management plan can seem like a no-brainer for home remodeling companies working on their 2013 marketing plans. Read more >>

top 10 features buyers want

New Homes Deliver the Top 10 Features Home Buyers Want

By Jay McKenzie
December, 2012

Plenty, it turns out. It's clear the preferences of Canadian home buyers closely match those of American home buyers. The award-winning interior designers from Rooms in Bloom shared their experience. These experts help real estate professionals and home builders "stage" or decorate homes currently for sale. Like many top designers, they find the challenge of staying one step ahead of the latest trends when they're staging new homes for sale to be of great value in all of their interior design work. Read more >>

universal design for kitchens

Universal Design for Kitchens

By Lisa Lou Shin
October 10, 2012

Following a few simple tips can help create a kitchen that is functional for every user, and that follows universal design guidelines. Unlike universal kitchens designed years ago, universal design today doesn’t mean boring design, but quite the opposite. It is important to note that universal design practices are broader than that of barrier-free design, and are in fact universal. Read more >>

hideous kitchens

Hideous Kitchens, Building Buzz

September 12, 2012

Hideous kitchens lurk on every block, and sometimes it just takes a light-hearted nudge to ferret them out. Read more >>


iNcreasingly iNdispensable: Remodelers on the iPad

July 26, 2012

The 1.5-pound wonder: That's how growing numbers of remodelers think of the Apple iPad. A record 17 million of the market-dominating tablets were sold in the three months ending in June, and it's safe to speculate that at least a few thousand of them have gone on to become indispensable in remodeling offices, vehicles and jobsites. Read more >>

Baths, Kitchens Are Most Popular Remodels

From Kitchen & Bath Design News
May 10, 2012

Remodelers report that kitchen and bathroom projects remain the most popular remodeling jobs with homeowners increasingly upgrading both rooms and making major repairs as they decide to stay in their current homes longer. Read more >>

Marketing & Design in the Social Media Age

From Kitchen & Bath Design News
By Janice Costa
March 18, 2012

As a consumer, I've come to rely on technology unthinkingly. But as a professional in the kitchen and bath industry, I am always thinking about and exploring the different technologies that impact everything from product design and marketing to the way information is delivered. Read more >>

Designing for the Future

Designing for the Future: The Real $$$ of Renovations
Know the numbers and steer your clients wisely

Kitchen + Bath Business Magazine's
By Dick Wolfe
February 14, 2012

The bad news on the housing market just keeps coming. I won't dwell on the latest numbers other than to say they are still dropping significantly. This affects the renovation/remodel market because no one likes to invest in a declining asset. Plus, less value in the home means less opportunity to draw equity out for updates, which is where most renovation funds come from. Read more >>

Smaller Kitchens and Baths? Not so Fast

Smaller Kitchens and Baths? Not So Fast
RICKI's latest homeowner study finds that smaller isn't necessarily better

Kitchen + Bath Business Magazine's
By Alice Liao
February 9, 2012

McMansions may be out of style, but according to a recent study by RICKI, the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence, downsizing one's home—and in particular one's kitchen and bath—isn't topping most people's wish list either. Read more >>

Dreaming Online

Dreaming Online
RICKI mines the web for talk of kitchen wants and desires

From Kitchen + Bath Business Magazine's
December 15, 2011

Imagine social media as a kitchen table. It may seem like a stretch, but social media spaces are fast becoming virtual kitchen tables of sorts, where online “neighbors” discuss everything from who's seeing whom to what's the best dishwasher and what makes for a dream kitchen. Read more >>

The Kitchen Sink and the Remodeling Scoop

June 10, 2011

An award-winning kitchen designer at this California design/build firm, a popular blogger, and now an author as well, Kelly Morisseau shares every remodeler's frustration with a public that often holds the industry to the impossible standards of "reality" TV, down to the bare-bones costs and overnight transformations. Read more >>

Small Spaces, Big Living: Design Pros' Tricks

Small Spaces, Big Living: Design Pros' Tricks

June 3, 2011

Asked to do more with less money and smaller spaces, remodelers are thinking creatively and expansively. Inspired by this article in yesterday's New York Times (about a Paris carriage house that is six-and-a-half feet deep), we asked a few of our favorite remodeling designers to share some of their tricks for making small spaces live comfortably. Read more >>

Interest in Kitchens and Bathrooms Beginning to Build

Interest in Kitchens and Bathrooms Beginning to Build

April 11, 2011

Kitchen or bath remodeling projects may be picking up! According to a recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends survey, homeowners are indicating a preference for larger and, in some cases, additional kitchens and baths. Read more >>

Bath faucet - Anise 880 English Bronze

NKBA Releases Design Trends Survey Results

What's popular in kitchen and bath design? Here are the top 10 kitchen trends from the NKBA. And the survey says…
February 18, 2011

If you believe what they say about the past—and this may also apply to the immediate past—being a good predictor of future behavior, then you may want to pay close attention to the results of the National Kitchen & Bath Association's (NKBA's) annual survey of kitchen and bath design trends. Participating in the survey were more than 100 designers who are association members and have designed kitchens and/or bathrooms during the last three months of 2010. Although the survey findings may not reflect activity in all parts of the country, several commonalities did emerge, indicating that changes in kitchen and bath styles are afoot in this new year. Read more >>

Kitchen faucet - East Linear prep/bar faucet

Age Defying

Understand the emotional side of aging in place
By Erin Gallagher
March 18, 2010

There is a great deal of emotion tied to the concept of aging in place. In a study exploring the impact of aging in place on kitchen design, the level of denial on the part of older consumers is clear. “It is essential for designers and marketers to be sensitive to the emotional aspects of aging,” said N. Riley Kirby, the chief of research for the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), the firm that conducted the study, The Golden Years: Aging-in-Place in the Kitchen. Read more >>

Chart of design trends

The Master Chart ofv(Home) Design Influence

“Home design is starting to follow the fashion world, and depending on the age of the homeowner, that's who you have to adapt to,” according to kitchen designer, blogger and trend-watcher Kelly Morisseau. We caught her briefly last night, and asked her to provide the residential design response to The Master Chart of Fashion Influence, published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal in conjunction with New York's fashion week. Read more >>

2011 Home Improvement trends

Fiftysomething Trends for the Year

Making more of smaller spaces, extending living spaces outdoors, mixing vintage with new, going green on a budget, and staying put and editing, reorganizing and updating: You've heard most of it before, but you've probably never seen these and dozens of other predicted trends brought together in a single infographic. Read more >>

Trends shaping America's homes

Trending Ahead: "7 Trends Shaping America's Homes" provides some provocative ideas for remodelers.

For "Echo Boomers," Walkability Rules
The next generation of homebuyers is the 81 million Americans (three million more than the Baby Boom) born between 1981 and 1999. While many are still looking for their first job, and some will contentedly stay in their parents' homes for years, threequarters of "Gen Y-ers" expect to buy their first home by the time they're 35, according to the Concord Group. What's important to them? Proximity to shopping or work (ideally within walking distance), safety and big kitchens.

Single Women: No WINKing Matter
WINK: that's for "women with incomes and no kids," and they're emerging as one of the fastest-growing homebuying demographics out there. Last year, 21 percent of homebuyers were single women; that percentage will grow as women continue to outpace men in graduating from college (already, women earn close to 60 percent of undergraduate degrees) and moving out of their parents' houses. Urban walkability is even more important to WINKs than to Gen Y-ers, but the real linchpin for remodelers that want to work with this increasingly influential buying segment will involve doing an excellent job of earning their trust and treating them with respect. Read more >>

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