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Partnership with DPHA

DPHA - Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Associaton

For industry members, the Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association is a community like no other. It serves to protect and advance the entrepreneurial, independent decorative plumbing and hardware business. The DPHA develops programs and publications to improve business practices, employee performance and the quality of service that DPHA members provide to designers, design professionals, builders, affiliated trades and the general public.

For the design and trade professional communities and homeowners, the DPHA is a rich source of product and trend information that enables them to partner with the best minds in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry. This is why GINGER was a charter member in 2001 when DPHA first began.

DPHA members operate an estimated 450 showrooms throughout North America featuring the latest products and trends in premium and luxury plumbing and hardware products for the home.

GINGER has a long-standing partnership with the DPHA. Notable contributions and participation include the following:

  • Charter member in 2001 when the organization started
  • The owner of GINGER was in attendance at the first DPHA meeting and served as a board member
  • Jonathan Wood, VP of Sales and Marketing from GINGER, currently serves on the board
    • Elected to executive committee in 2004 as Treasurer
  • Jonathan Wood served as the President of DPHA in 2009 and the Immediate Past President in 2009-2010 and received an honorary lifetime membership from the organization in 2010.