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Our Planet

GINGER is committed to the principals of Sustainability as we strive to deliver the highest quality products, incorporating environmentally sound processes into the manufacturing of products that care for the environment.

GINGER is committed to a Planet Protection Promise: to pursue industry leading environmental performance in our products, services and operations to deliver exceptional value for our customers. We have taken a holistic approach to sustainability, designing products with the lowest environmental impact.

We use materials and methods that replenish more rapidly than other materials; soy inks, chemical water treatment and low cure temperatures. Utilizing energy-saving methods in manufacturing, we reduce emissions, recycle materials, optimize resources, and minimize waste.

The result is well-made, high quality products using the best methods for the least environmental impact; a collaborative reduction of our corporate carbon footprint.

An ongoing Green Brand campaign from GINGER includes a customer awareness program, customer service training, and employee awareness and engagement efforts.

GINGER' Green Brand program includes the following initiatives:

  • A low emissions finish process — a low cure temperature creates lower CO2 emissions
  • Hazardous waste reduction — a 96% reduction in 3 years
  • An energy lighting retrofit project — designed to offset the negative consequences of CO2